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The Secret Sauce

There have been tremendous changes in the media industry over the last couple of decades—most of them driven by technology and social media. However, there are still some constants that communicators and their leaders should remain focused on. In The Secret Sauce for Organizational Success: Communications and Leadership on the Same Page, Tom Jurkowsky shows how important those constants are:

  • Being Responsive to the media

  • Providing access to the media

  • Ensuring good working relationships with the media

  • Always maintaining one’s integrity


These constants are the mainstays of a respected and effective communicator. Maintaining these constants supports the credibility and respect of the communicator and the organization he/she represents. They are also the pillars of being a good leader, regardless of whether that person is a communicator, a line leader or the chief executive officer of an organization.

In The Secret Sauce, Tom Jurkowsky uses his nearly 50 years as a professional communicator in the Navy, in the corporate world and in federal government and provides examples of each of these concepts and outlines how important they are to the health of an organization, its leadership, and its communications function. Each chapter is dedicated to one or several examples of these concepts.

Being a communicator frequently means facing situations that are not black and white. The issues communicators deal with are often in the gray area. Deciding to go in one direction can be as easily argued as going another way. However, experience and looking at how others may have handled a similar situation is always helpful—and can frequently prove to be a guidepost.

That’s what The Secret Sauce is all about, and that’s why Tom chose to write it—to be another helpful tool for fellow communicators to put in their quiver. The book doesn’t portend to provide all the answers, but it’s intended to be a resource based on his experience as a communicator and leader.

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