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Tom is available to speak about his book, The Secret Sauce for Organizational Success: Communications and Leadership on the Same Page, along with his other communications and leadership experiences. With his background working with the media for his entire professional career, organizations would benefit from his experiences and learn from his nearly 50 years as a professional communicator. In his discussions, he can share examples of: 

  • ‘What works’ with the media and ‘what doesn’t 

  • The importance of media access

  • How to prepare for media interviews

  • How to be ready for the crisis and when the media come banging on your door

  • How to convince the head of your organization that he/she needs to be visible and available to the media


As a seasoned leader, he is also able to talk about leadership and the important role that leadership plays in making communications decisions. More importantly, leadership is sometimes just taking care of the people that comprise an organization.  


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